Natural Dish and Laundry Soaps Bars


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SUDDY.UK  Lemon dish soap is formulated with Rapeseed oil for sustainability and cost. This  lemon soap has a little excess fat to avoid stripping away oils from hands whilst washing the crockery.

These SUDDY.UK general cleaning soaps are made using rapeseed oil with no superfatting for maximum detergent effects. Available in a lavender fragrance.  They can be used for general cleaning by grating some of the bar into a jug of hot water and left to disolve.  The cleaning bars  can also be safely used with our laundry soapnuts, by rubbing a wetted soap bar onto collars, cuffs, shirt underarms, etc and onto stains, prior to popping into the washing machine with a small bag of soapnuts.

Both soap bars are made from Rapeseed oil with square Lemon essential oil bars for the dishes and oblong Lavender bars for household cleaning and clothes washing.

100gram bars

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