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Crashing Waves Greeting Cards

Crashing Waves Greeting Cards

2.60 GBP
Crashing Waves is a photos by Meryl Tserings, in which the waves are held alive in a still photo.  The sunlight glittering off the sea foam and the
action of the waves held in silent animation of natural pattern.  The photo was taken a Aberavon beach on a stormy day.

Meryl's photo is printed in the UK on 260gms smooth white card and has Best wishes printed on the inside. It comes with a white envelope & is protected with an acetate sleeve. It is 4 inch x 6 inch in size.

The picture was taken by Meryl Tsering, who is an amateur photographer taking alternative and contemporary photos. Some of her work has Buddhist concepts & connotations entwined into them, where as her other work is about natures patterns and colour.